Bubble Ball Soccer NYC hosts events a number of difference locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. These include both indoor and outdoor venues. However, due to the exceptionally high demand for outdoor fields and indoor courts we cannot accommodate all requests for location preferences. Additional once a venue is agreed upon, this cannot be altered in accordance with the terms and conditions set out by our partner venues.Both indoor and outdoor venues offer different experiences that can be enjoyed equally.

Indoor Venues.

The advantage of an indoor venue is that it is indoors and is weather proof and we can guarantee the game will go ahead as scheduled. Since indoor venues are enclosed by walls, participants will not have to follow a ball if it goes out of bounds, this save time and increase the flow of the game.

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Outdoor Venues.

Outdoor venues are a great way to get fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor venues offer greater value but are subject to availability and are at the mercy of mother nature. It is up to the discretion of Bubble Ball Soccer NYC to determine if the game will go ahead as planned. Refunds are not issued in the event of a game cancellation. All games will be rescheduled for a future date.

Bouncing to Victory
Bouncing to Victory

Please see below a selection of picture from some of our venue partners.

We have worked with venues in the following neighborhoods:

Tribecca – Manhattan

Lower East Side – Manhattan

China Town – Manhattan

Downtown Brooklyn

Parade Grounds Brooklyn

Park Slope Brooklyn

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