5 Game Sampler

Add Variety to With Our Five Game Sampler (Game Rules)

Below is a quick summary of all the bubble ball games including bubble soccer, offered in our add-on package “Five Game Sampler” ($75/hr), and their respective rules. These fun games are sure to ramp up the competition by introducing different challenges, provide variety, and will definitely keep players engaged throughout your entire event.

Bubble Ball Red Rover:

All players line up on one end of the field/court and must run to the other side without getting knocked over by a player situated in the center. If a player runs out of bounds trying to avoid getting knocked over, or gets knocked down by the middle player, he/she must join them in the center the next round. The winner is the last person who makes it across to the other end of the field safely without getting knocked over by all the players in the center.

Last Man Standing or Last Team Standing Bubble Ball:

Teams target players of the opposing team and knock each other out. Once a player is knocked off his/her feet they are out and must stand on the sideline. The last two colors (team) or the last color (man) is the winner of the game.

Bubble Ball Sumo:

Two players square off against one another in a ring of cones. Their objective is to try and knock the other outside of the circle. If a player falls inside the circle, he or she may get back up. The player who steps or is knocked outside the circle loses. Players may pick their opponents.

Bubble Ball President:

Each team picks one member of their team to be the president. Team members must protect their president from getting knocked over, and/or knock over the opposing team’s president. Team members who get knocked over may get back up and continue playing. The team whose president gets knocked over first loses.

Bubble Soccer:

The game of bubble soccer is just like soccer except players prevent the opposing team from scoring by knocking into them with their bubble ball suits. The team that scores the most points during the allotted time period wins
We have also added three new games for 1hour + long games only:

Bubble Ball Relay:

A relay race where players cross paths trying to reach the end point to release another runner in their team, and back to the start point – during which time players from the other team can slow them down by knocking them off their feet. The first full team to make it back wins the game.

Bubble Football:

Starting at the opposite end zone, one team designates a player to be the quarterback who holds the ‘football’. The quarterback can transfer the ball to another player on his team by throwing it up out the top of the ball. The team has four (4) tries (downs) to get the ball to the other side, their end zone. It must be carried into the end zone by a player to count as a score. If the player carrying the ball is knocked down or out of bounds by his/her team or the opposing team, the whistle is blown and a down occurs – this marks the restarting position.  Finally, the opposite team can steal the ‘football’ and potentially score by catching it in transition.

Bubble Ball Group Sumo:

A variation of bubble ball sumo but instead of two players the entire group plays. Every man/woman plays for himself or herself and knocks someone out of the shrinking circle. The last one in the circle is the winner of the game.
Note: If you have purchased the 5 games sampler we will try to fit all 5 games into your time slot, however the ability for us to do so will depend on your group’s timeliness. All five or eight games are not guaranteed to be played during your session depending on your groups start time or rest periods.