Private Bubble Ball Soccer Game:

  • ($650/hr)(Brooklyn Location) *6 – 14 players 
  • ($750/hr)(Manhattan Location) *6 – 14 players 
  • ($850/hr)(Brooklyn Location) *15 – 25 players 
  • ($950/hr)(Manhattan Location) *15 – 25 players 
  • ($75/Hr) Upgrade: Five Game Sampler 
  • ($75/Hr) Upgrade:  Three-minute edited video
  • ($50) Deposit Ticket: This is required in order for us to research availability with partner venues. If we cannot find a suitable venue the Deposit ticket is refunded.
  • ($65) Monthly Pickup Game with up to 30 other players**
  • *($250+) Venue Rental is not included in the base cost. Indoor and Private Outdoor venue prices start at $250/hr in Brooklyn and $300/hr in Manhattan and vary depending on the venue. Outdoor public venue rental starts at $32.
Groups with more than 25 players re required to purchased 1.5+ hours. We recommend two hours for larger groups to ensure each player gets ample time in the bubble balls.

What’s Included:

  • 1 hour event – 50 game time /10 min introduction/waivers/rules
  • 10 Bubble Ball Suits (We provide both Adult and Kids size Balls)
  • Referee / Game Host
  • Two Soccer Goals and 1 soccer ball
  • Music and Speakers for Atmosphere  (Option to bring your own playlist)
Option Upgrades & add on’s:
1) A 3 minute edited digital video of game highlights, candid moments, & well wishes – $75
2) A 5 game sampler, which adds more variety to your private game – $75/hr
The sampler means instead of solely playing bubble soccer, you get to experience a variety of different games with the bubble suits in five rounds. The team to win the most games win.
Games played are: (1.) Bubble soccer, (2.)Last man standing, (3.) Bubble ball relay, (4.) Bubble ball Red Rover, (5.) Bubble sumo wrestling
3.) Additional Bubble Suits can be rented upon request and are charged at $100/hr for each additional pair of Bubble Suits. It is up to the discretion of the organizers to determine if this is suitable for the venue.

 Open Pickup Game:

This is an open event with a maximum of 30 participants. Up to 10 players will be on the court / field at any given time.1 hour event – 50 minutes of game time / 10 min introduction/waivers/rules /10 Bubble Ball Suits (Adult Bubble Balls Only)

About: Bubble Soccer NYC is the premier game for local extreme sports / activity lovers! Spend an exhilarating hour facing (and bouncing) off fellow adventure seekers to score goals for your team. It’s the most fun you’ll have at a soccer game since – ever!

Book Early to avoid disappointment. Field and Court Space is in high demand in New York. To secure your game please allow a minimum of two weeks notice. Time slots can only be secured upon full payment of your package to Bubble Ball Soccer NYC.

Players are required to sign waivers and bring a valid id in order to participate. Disclaimer: Bubble Ball Soccer NYC reserves the right to change the time and venue due to an insufficient amount of participants, weather, or any unforeseen circumstances. Bubble Ball Soccer does not provide parking and it is the responsibility of the of the attendees to arrive on time to their event.