Rules, Etiquette & Waiver Form

Bubble Ball Soccer NYC Waiver Form 2015

All  participants must complete the forms in a clear and legible manner. Please note that all participants are required to bring an ID as we will be checking this against the forms to ensure that they we signed correctly.

Bubble soccer works almost exactly like normal soccer, and we will go over those rules in a second, but the most important points for you to observe are the following:


1. Do not bump / tackle other players when they are down / on the ground (allow them to get back up), or out of bounds 

2. Do not bump / tackle other players when they are cornered or up against a wall

3. Players are different sizes so be mindful of how hard you collide with your fellow competitors (e.g. a 180-pound player should not aggressively attack a 100-pound player)

4. In indoor games, the ball should be kept low to avoid damaging windows, light fixtures, etc. All participants are financially responsible for any damage they cause

5. For safety reasons, spectators are not allowed on the field or court

6. No sitting or climbing on top the bubble ball

7. No food or drinks allowed on the field; Water is permitted on the sideline. All bottles/trash should be discarded in the trash receptacle upon leaving


A match is played by two teams, each consisting of no more than five players.  A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than three players.


Play will be divided into four (4) 8 to 9 minute quarters separated by 2 to 3 minute breaks. It is the players responsibility to get in to the bubble ball suits in a timely fashion – failure to do so will result in less game play time per quarter. There will be a running clock maintained by a referee who will advise both teams when there is one minute remaining in each quarter.


Start-time – Games will begin promptly. Game start and end times are strict

Kick-off – Before the kick-off a coin is tossed and the team that wins the coin toss gets the kick off.

Ball in Bubble – If the ball lands in a bubble, play will stop and the ball retrieved. The referee will then conduct a “drop ball” with one member from each team.

Drop Ball – 1 player from each team will stand 5 yards away from the ball, as the ball hits the ground each player may charge towards the ball to retrieve it.

A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, between the goal cones. The team scoring the greatest number of goals during a match is the winner. If both teams score an equal number of goals, or if no goals are scored, the match is drawn.


Substitutions may be made throughout the game. To substitute a player, the player coming off of the field needs to stand by the sideline of the field as the new player going onto the field crosses the side-line to enter the game simultaneously.  All substituted players will be checked for equipment by a referee before entering onto the field.



No studded footwear is permitted. Players must wear appropriate closed-toe footwear. No shin-guards will be allowed. We recommend wearing kneepads for indoor games


Teams will not be allowed to have a goalkeeper or lodge in front of the goal


There is no offside.



Anytime the ball goes over either sideline, out of bounds, a kick-in will ensue.


Anytime the ball crosses an end line, a corner kick or goal kick will ensue.


          a.  Last touched by a defender- a corner kick. Ball is placed on nearest corner and kicked in by offensive team. Goals may be scored on corner kicks.  All players must be outside the goal box until the ball enters the goal box and the defense must be at least 4 paces from the corner. 

          b.  Last touched by attacker. A goal kick by the defense.