What Playing Bubble Soccer is Like – 10 Accurate Analogies

It can be a little hard to describe what you are getting your friends into when you tell them that you are throwing a bubble ball soccer party. So, we have decided to share some the best analogies we have heard so that everyone can know (or get a feel for) exactly what they are signing up for.

How to Explain Bubble Ball Soccer to friends & family

Bubble ball soccer is like:

1. Human bumper cars

2. Soccer in big hoop skirts or wooden barrels hanging on suspenders

3. Chicken soup for the bored soul 

4. One part soccer. One part sumo. One part bubble wrap

5. Soccer meets football and everyone is a linebacker

6. Being inside a washing machine on spin cycle

7. Soccer but with a massive evil plot twist

8. Having your own personal force field

9. An expressive art for thrill seekers

10. A rollercoaster without the track


If those descriptives of bubble ball soccer didn’t hype you up and get you excited to play this game, we don’t know what else will. The truth is there’s just no way of describing bubble soccer – you have to play it to know exactly what it is. We can’t wait to hear what you think!