The 3 Elements You Need for a Killer Party, Guaranteed!

We know you want it to be a huge success so here are the top 3 elements that are guaranteed to make a mediocre party AH-MAH-ZING!

1. Good people – The base of any good party is the guests. Finding great guests is half the battle: people who are reliable that will show up, adventurous, high energy, happy, and flexible are the best kind of guests to invite. If you can fill the room with people like that you are golden, my friend!

2. A fun and interactive activity: Parties where there is nothing to do but stand around are hard for most party guests – especially if they all don’t know each other. But give them something cool to do: an activity where they can interact and talk to the other guests about what is unfolding before their eyes and suddenly an average party gets an INSTANT upgrade.
*You already know what WE think the best option is when it comes to this (

3. Delicious Food – You’ve got to feed your guests or at least give them the option to get good food. Whether you provide the snacks or go out to eat somewhere after, you can’t leave people with rumbling bellies. Also, CAKE is always a good choice.

That’s it, folks! That’s really all you need to pull off an amazing event. So make sure you master each category when planning.  You can make at least one of those steps super easy for yourself by booking your bubble ball soccer NYC game now!