Bubble Ball Secrets and Tricks to Get a Leg Up On the Competition

We would normally classify bubble ball soccer as the great equalizer. No matter how great your soccer skills are or how much you excel at other sports in general, there will be some humbling moments once you slip into your bubble suit.
That being said, there are some tricks of the trade that will give you a leg up on the competition (your friends, family, and co-workers) and make you look like a total boss that we are willing to divulge.

If you haven’t booked a bubble soccer game yet, you will definitely want to do so now to show off – and if you have already had the fortune of playing bubble soccer, it might be time to book your next game so you can redeem yourself!


THE TUCK AND ROLL – This usually works best for our more agile players. All it involves is tucking your entire body into the ball (drawing the feet up into the ball) when a player is hurling towards you and rolling away quickly. The trick is to roll quickly, land on your feet, then spring up and keep going.

BOUNCE BACK – The Bounce back, like the tuck and roll, is another way to get out of the way quickly and get back on your feet. Simply bounce unto your back, then back up straight on to both feet and continue on your original objective unscathed.

THE SPIN MANEUVER – this involves spinning around really fast when someone gets close and is about to try to knock you off your feet. If it’s well timed your opponent will go flying right past you and you’ll be left unmanned!

THE JUMP INTO IT – This is where instead of running into a player you jump into him or her. The extra force adds power and leverage into taking a player down first, since they are already under you.

SUDDEN STOP & BREAK – In the sudden stop and break if you and another player are running for the same end point or towards each other, you stop suddenly and change your course of direction. Doing so will normally result in your remaining upright for at least another few seconds.

DOWN LOW – If you tend to fall over easy the trick to staying on your feet is to spread your feet wide and get low like a sumo wrestler. The old adage, ‘Stay grounded’ turns out to be better advice in more ways than one!

PLAY DEAD – Okay, this move is not as much as a fight tactic than a survival tactic. Sometimes it is just as impressive to know when to fold ’em and that’s precisely what you do when you play dead. All it takes it dropping your body on the floor before someone has to chance to help you get into the position.