What Generation Z and Generation Alpha Want! Decode Kids of Today

It’s probably been a while since you were a kid, so it’s completely understandable that you haven’t been keeping up with Generation Z and Generation Alphas *bet you didn’t even know they were called that

But whether you are a parent or a guardian, auntie, uncle, godparent, or other, it can be very beneficial to know what the kids want (so you can use it as leverage to get what you want, of course!)

We at Bubble Ball Soccer NYC have been privileged to work with our future for four years so our pulse is on exactly what kids today want, their secret lingo, and what makes them happy. We’re going to share that information with you because adults stick together, am I right?



Undoubtedly you heard about the #tidepodchallenge but thankfully, not all the challenges kids are doing are as unfortunate. Some of the popular recent ones are the #mannequinchallenge, where people hold a pose pretending to be a mannequins for a video; the #cinnamonchallenge, where kids swallow a spoonful of cinnamon (not sugar); and the #shiggychallenge which combines this and our next point, where kids hop out of slow moving cars to dance alongside them. 

No, your child isn’t having a seizure – he/she is just probably doing the shoot or bloc boy JB Dance, where kids hop on one leg while pumping an arm in the air because it’s all the rage now. Another super popular dance the kids are all into is the Floss, which takes a lot of coordination and involves whipping the arms and hips in a well timed grandfather clock movement. And last but not least, there’s orange justice, where kids bend their knees and flick their arms in and out wildly (hopefully nowhere in the vicinity of your potted plants) 

Basically, kids of today get to be the super star, manager/agent, and the director/producer of their own show. To that last point, building up a lot of followers, likes, and subscribes on social media (otherwise known as clout) means more influence, free swag, money, and a chance to look cool to their peers.

No explanation necessary we are sure, because we are also sure your kids can’t stop playing or talking about this game. Kids love games, and water is wet!



Hey, we’re sure a lot of the things your generation was into was troubling to your parents, too. The kids of today are just going through phases and learning their way in this modern world. The common theme in all the things above is that kids just want connection and fun during a time where a lot of things are changing and everything feels like a mini crisis!

Speaking of, we strongly believe a healthy dose of offline connection is imperative for kids to live a balanced life. And as you can probably imagine, kids  💕💕💕💕💕 bubble ball soccer *and multiple emojis. 

Show your kids that you totally get them by booking a private game for a birthday, graduation present, sweet sixteen, bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah, or them cleaning their room all year. If you’re not a parent – suggest it to the parent you know and they will thank you for it!

OR why not book a family day game and bond with your children by knocking them over and having them do the same to you (they’ll think you are the coolest person alive!)