10% Happier? Hold Our Beer!

You may have heard about Dan Harris’, tv anchor of ABC News, Nightline, and Weekend Edition of Good Morning America, memoir about his public breakdown and journey to mindfulness entitled 10% Happier.

His book gives skeptics an easy in to meditation by taking a very non-fluffy approach to the science behind the practice of mindfulness and showing you how and why letting go of your ego is important for living a stress-free life.

We are all about meditation and can attest to its many benefits (you should totally give it a go), but we also know of another way to instantly feel happier. Care to take a guess what that is?


YOU GUESSED IT! Playing a game of bubble ball soccer will make you very happy – probably more than 10% happier, even! Just take a look at the smiling faces of our players and that should be evident.


Now, we aren’t making any claims that Bubble Soccer will make you 10% happier for the rest of your life—we aren’t saying that it won’t either—but looking back on the memory of your game day will surely give you a temporary boost of good feelings!

What we can guarantee is that you will get a huge boost of ENDORPHINS, DOPAMINE and SEROTONIN on game day, and who doesn’t want that?!