Is your Bucket List Basic? The World’s Most Popular To Do Activities


1. See the northern lights
2. Run a marathon
3. Go on an African Safari
4. Write a book
5. Visit the Great Wall of China
6. Learn to play an instrument
7. Snorkle
8. Skydive

Ditch your grandma & grandpa’s bucket list
Does the above list look very familiar to you? Don’t get us wrong, all of these things are cool and all (we have done most of them), but maybe it’s time you made some new additions to your list – or at the very least shifted some things to the top.

There’s a misconception that bucket lists have to include uber impressive, perfectly charming, grandiose, and cute activities, but that’s not true. They should be something personal and unique and important to you – not a social yardstick to others

That’s why bubble ball soccer should be at the top of your bucket list. Besides the fact that it’s clearly something you truly want to do before you kick the bucket (hence you reading this right now), the best part about bubble ball soccer is it’s attainable and can be crossed off next month or next week, even. No luck, marathon level stamina, passport, or way with words necessary.