NYC Checklist – 5 Active Things you MUST Do This Spring!

So you want to get out of the house and do something in this great city of ours? We totally know the feeling and are here to help!

Spring is right around the corner which means an extra hour of daylight (you did spring forward that clock, right?). It also means you can finally come out of hibernation and start doing things again.

But since it’s probably been a minute since you’ve been in the loop of the latest happenings you may be wondering what to do?

No worries, we’ve got your roundup of crazy cool activities happening in New York City to plug into your calendar ASAP.

  1. Bubble Ball Soccer -Not to toot our own horn, but obviously we are going to put bubble soccer at the top of this list! We’ve got more partner venues throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, improved window balls, and know how to liven up a party. Not only will you get a tremendous workout, you will laugh your butt off, be super entertained and feel like a kid again with a group of your closest friends, family, and/or co-workers.
  2. Hudson Yards Vessel (TKA) – Nothing like climbing 2500 steps to help get to the recommended 10,000 you’re supposed to be taking daily. The new interactive artwork at Hudson Yards is now open and you can book tickets online for free!
  3. Governor’s Ball – The active thing you should be doing here is dancing! We here at Bubble Ball Soccer NYC are great big fans of music as our fire game day playlist will certainly confirm. However if the artists at governors ball aren’t exactly your cuppa or the dates (May 21st – June 2nd) aren’t aligning with your stars then you can always check out one of the many other music festivals headed our way.
  4. Tennis – Now that the temperatures are slowly rising and the threat of future snow is diminishing, the roof bubbles will be coming off the free public parks and the open air tennis courts will be reopening to the public. Many of NYC’s public parks with courts do not require a permit or membership, but even the ones that do are super affordable, so be sure to check them out at the NYC Parks website:
  5. Volunteer – whether it be to walk a dog ( or plant a garden (, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the city that will get you out of your neighborhood and moving around. Therapeutic and calorie burning at the same time? Talk about two birds, one stone.