You’re Invited – Who to put on your VIP List!


You only need but a recommended minimum of 6 players to book a private game with us, but our guess is you will probably have a lot more people who want to make your invite list.

But, to make sure you don’t leave anyone out, here is our list of people you should most definitely consider sending an invite or e-vite to!

1. Your BFF
2. Your Siblings
3. Your siblings significant other
4. Your gym buddy or trainer (and make sure you pick them on your team on game day if you want to get a win in the bag)
5. Your boss
6. Your co-workers (if this isn’t a work event then you had better play it safe and go by the rule of thumb: invite one, invite them all. Or better yet, convince HR to throw a corporate team building event.
7. Your favorite bartender (Your drinks moving forward will be guaranteed to be strong and long)
8. Your Netflix binge watching buddies / roommates (give them a reason to get off the couch and out of the house)
9. Your neighbors
10. Your clients: There’s no faster way to impress a client or close a deal than inviting them to a bubble soccer game and drinks afterwards!
11. AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST – Your parents (You may be surprised to find that your parental units are a lot more adventurous than you think. We found this out when our founder’s mother accepted the invite and crushed the younger players!)