The Bubble Ball Soccer Quiz

Sometimes we get questions from folks wondering whether they are qualified to play. Usually the questions are in the vein of “Am I fit enough?”, “Am I too old?”, and “Will I break anything?”
Now, usually the answers are yes, no, and your probably nothing but your preconceived limitations. But, everyone is different!

So in the interest of saving time and giving you an immediate way to know if this game is for you we thought we would come up with a hard and fast list of requirements (a questionnaire / test of sorts) that you can take right now to determine the answer.

Want to know if Bubble Ball Soccer is a game that’s right for you? Wonder no more – take the bubble ball soccer quiz now and get our answer:

1. Do you like to have fun?
2. Do you like to try new things?
3. Do you have tend to feel FOMO (fear of missing out)?
4. Is there a specific friend or family member that you would derive great joy from knocking over?
5. Can you walk?
6. Are you over the age of 7?
7. Are you or do you want to be a kid at heart?
8. Do you want to surprise your friends/family/yourself?
9. Have you ever fell into a bed?
10. Are you injury free?
11. Are you without child?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then congratulations, Bubble Ball Soccer is definitely the sport that you need to add to your to do list. Book your sport today by visiting our contact page or emailing us directly at info [at] bubbleballsoccernyc [dot] com.