Joint Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Ideas – NYC

Back in the day bachelor and bachelorette parties used to be separate affairs. The bride and groom-to-be alike would get together with their same gender friends and sneak off to festivities untold. This still happens of course, but recently more and more couples are skipping the secret fest and opting to have joint bachelor and bachelorette parties, because the more the merrier! Not having to worry about the debauchery each others’ friends have planned for the day/night may also have a little something to do with this rising trend.

If you are one of those couples, here are ten joint bachelor and bachelorette party ideas / event you might want to consider. You can choose to just do one of the activities on the list or mix and match a few for a full day of unforgettable fun.

#1. Bubble Ball Soccer NYC – Of course, we had to give bubble soccer some shine here (after all it’s our list), but on a serious note – this game is perfect for joint bachelor and bachelorette parties. You can do guys vs girls or go co-ed. Men and women alike will have fun bouncing and bumping into each other for an hour or two – and bridezillas and groomzillas will really enjoy the physical aspect of the game as an outlet for releasing all the pent us stress that accompanies wedding planning.

#2. The Bowling Alley – It doesn’t matter if everyone is bowling gutter balls. A party at the bowling alley is still a party (especially ones with awesome live music, food and drinks like brooklyn bowl in Williamsburg).

#3. Co-ed Burlesque shows – Yes, it is important that the show be co-ed so that there will be something for every one to appreciate. You might event consider the burlesque shows that have an element of comedy to them, because there should be lots of laughter at a bachelor/bachelorette party. Many of these shows will offer dinner and have a bar so you can fill your bellies while admiring the view.

#4. Beach or pool party – Get out of the city and head over to fire island or Jones beach (two of the nicer beaches in New York), or one of the hotels in the city that require paying a reasonable fee for one day access to their rooftop pool. Play marco polo in the pool, water volleyball or any other water game from your childhood that you can remember.

#5. Wine Tasting event – If there’s wine involved there’s a party. Besides the slight buzz you will all get from tasting wine all day, you can learn a few things which will allow you to appreciate the refreshments come the big day that much more.

#6. Comedy clubs – If you all have a good sense of humor, head to a comedy club for your co-ed night out. The Comedy cellar in NYC is a spot where a lot of well known comedians go, but if that doesn’t fit your budget there are tons of comedy shows with no cover that only require a two drink minimum throughout the city.

#7. Camping – Whether you all rent a couple of vans and drive upstate to some remote spot, or go to one of the adult camps, camping is an awesome joint party idea. Just make sure you bring some s’mores, bug spray, portable speakers, and be sure to recruit someone who knows how to start a fire, to enjoy the great outdoors amongst the people you care about the most.

#8. Rock climbing – Brooklyn Boulders or Chelsea Piers are just two of the spots in New York City that would be good for a combined bachelor and bachelorette party. You will get some physical activity in and can putter around the rest of the facilities afterwards for even more styling and profiling.

#9. Food Tour – No, not a pub crawl (although that’s okay too). Go on a walking food tour through some unknown neighborhood and kill two birds with one stone (filling your belly and burning calories).

#10. Escape the room game – If your party consists of 10 – 15 people an escape the room game might be just the thing you can enjoy. Basically, you are all locked in a room for an hour and have to work together to figure out clues to escape. The time passes quickly and everyone has to work together. If you make it out (and even if you don’t), celebrate over drinks and food.