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Bubble Ball Soccer

Past Clients

Bubble & Sumo Suit Day Rentals | reserve

Have a party, function, or celebration coming up and in need of games and activities to keep your guests entertained? Now you can rent two adult or children's sumo suits or two adult or children's bubble ball suits for the day (10 hours).

The cost for 2 sumo suits and one mat or 2 bubble ball suits and one blower is $400 / day, includes pick up and drop off in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. For areas outside of these locations, an additional transportation fee will be incurred.

Facilitate your own game of bubble ball bashing or sumo wrestling. Perfect for smaller venues, large corporate or fundraising events, children's birthday parties, and as a supplement activity.

Bubble Soccer Private Event | book

Corporate clients, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, high school or family reunions, school fairs and game days, meet up groups, and the list goes on. If you have a community, group, or just a bunch of adventurous friends who would like to organize a private game, we've got you covered.

Our private event packages are all inclusive, which means we take care of everything - the venue, referee, soccer goals and balls, bubble balls, and scorekeeping.

If you have your own venue or prefer we come to you, that can also be arranged. A transportation fee may be added for travel outside of NYC.


General Questions 

+ Is Bubble Ball Soccer safe?

Absolutely! Our bubble balls are adult sized balls with .8mm thickness, which allows for it to be durable during the wear and tear of play.They have a heat-sealed construction with overlapping seams which can withstand the stresses of playing and multiple stresses of inflation and deflation over time. Additionally, the ball will help ease the fall when you knock into other players and every game will have referees to help keep the order and safety of the players.

+ How do I wear the bubble ball?

The bubble is a globe or sphere with a tube through the middle where you stand. There is an opening above your head. There are two safety belts hold the bubble on your shoulders (like a backpack), and there are two handles to hold onto with your hands.

+ Is there a minimum or maximum height/weight/age?

The age range to play bubble soccer for our children sized balls is 7 - 12/13 (please note we do not offer pick up games for kids). Our children sized bubble balls fit kids who are at least 4' tall and no taller than 5'. The minimum age to play bubble soccer for our adult sized balls is 15. Our adult bubble balls fit a variety of sizes upwards of 6'2" and 200+ lbs. Mixing kids and adult sized balls in any one private game is not permitted.

+ How big are the bubble balls?

We currently carry two sizes of bubble balls: 1.2 meters for children, 1.5 and 1.8 meters for adults.

+ What should I wear to play bubble soccer?

We recommend you wear light (you will get pretty hot), comfortable sports clothing and sneakers (black soled shoes are not permitted). We do not recommend wearing glasses nor spaghetti strap shirts that leave the shoulders exposed.

+ What does all inclusive mean?

All inclusive means we provide the venue (as is the case in our pick up and private events games - unless we receive a request stating otherwise), a referee, markers for the boundaries, soccer ball, goals / goal posts, speakers and music, and of course the bubble balls! We also provide pictures and videos of the game on our social media sites so that you can tag yourself and share your experience with friends and family.

+ What are the game rules?

Bubble ball soccer is much like regular soccer - Your objective is to keep the ball in bounds and score more points than the other team to win. Except, you keep your opponents from scoring by knocking them off their feet with your bubble ball suit. Hence, there are no fouls since knocking your opponent over or bouncing him or her out of the way is par for the course in this game. For a more comprehensive look at our rules please visit our rules page here or navigate to the page by going to the about tab and clicking on rules.

+ Do I need any additional equipment?

You will not need to bring anything additional to play. Like our slogan says, just show up and bounce. You can however feel free to bring bottled water / juice to rehydrate and a small personal towel.

+ Do I need to have any special skill?

Not at all. Just as all levels of people can enjoy playing soccer, all levels of players from athletic types to newbies can enjoy bubble soccer. If you ever get tired or winded you are welcome to step out of the game and have another player sub in.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

Players may cancel up to 72 hours in advance of his/her pick up game*. If a pick up game player cancels after this amount of time, their ticket will be ineligible for rescheduling requests. If due to unforeseen circumstances a pickup or private game needs to be cancelled by Bubble Ball Soccer NYC (with the exception of inclement weather and natural disasters), you will be notified of the rescheduling dates.

+ What is your refund policy?

All purchases are final and 100% nonrefundable. You can however transfer your ticket to someone else with a 24 hours advance written notice.

Pickup Game Questions

+ How do I join a pick up game?

Head over to our bookings page and click on "pick up game". Select the date and preferred time slot you are interested in and purchase a ticket. We hold one pick up game per month. Once you receive confirmation, show up on the designated date/time and play with other fun / thrill seekers like yourself. No corralling your family and friends required.

+ What is the cost to join a pick up game?

Tickets for a bubble soccer pick up game is $65 per person ( email promo [at] bubbleballsoccernyc [dot] com for any special promotional codes we may have running).

+ Can I buy a ticket the day of / pay at the door?

Unfortunately, tickets will not be available for sale at the door. This is to ensure we have a firm head count to get a good game going.

+ How far in advance do I need to book?

Tickets are available for purchase up to 24 hours before the event, however we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to secure your spot as tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. If we are not able to fill enough slots for a pick up game you will be notified one day in advance.

+ Where are the pick up games held?

We work with a number of different venues therefore there is not one specific location, with most of our games being held in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope or Williamsburg) and Manhattan (Chelsea, downtown manhattan, etc.). Our pick up and private group games are held in select outdoor and indoor venues. Venues and game start times are subject to change.

+ What if I buy a ticket and cannot make my game?

All tickets are non-refundable. However, provided you give us at least 72 hours advance notice of your inability to make the game, you may reschedule your game*. You may also transfer your ticket to another player if you provide a written request at least 24 hours notice in advance to info at bubbleballsoccernyc dot com. *Rescheduling a discounted third party ticket is not permitted

+ How long does a game last?

The game will be played for approximately 50 minutes including periodic breaks for resting and substitutions. 10 minutes will be spent at the start of the game for explaining the rules, signing waivers, etc.

+ Should I book a pickup or private game?

If you have a specific date/time you would like to play bubble soccer that does not coincide with our scheduled pickup game date and time, and/or a large group who you want to exclusively play with, you should book a private game. If you have a small group of people (1-4 other players), or would like to buy a single ticket, you should book a pickup game.

+ How do I redeem a ticket from a third party website?

We reserve 10 out of 30 slots per game for third party tickets. Third party ticket holders must call to verify availability and book a pick up game. No one person may book more than four slots. Large groups of third party ticket holders are not guaranteed to be scheduled into the same game. If you would like to ensure being scheduled into a particular game, please purchase tickets directly from our website.

Private Event Questions

+ What is the minimum / maximum number of participants to book a private event?

We offer different packages based on the number of players. We recommend at least 6 players in a group. Please note that only 10 players can be on the field/court at a time.

+ What type of private events do you cater to?

Bubble ball soccer NYC is excellent for team building, corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, family or school reunions, school fairs and sports days, special events, etc.

+ Will you come to us?

Absolutely. While we extend the option or sourcing/providing a venue, should you have a specific place in mind or venue you would like to hold your bubble soccer game at we will travel within the 5 boroughs to bring bubble ball soccer to you (please note a transportation fee may be added to the cost of your event if you require we go to you).

+ What is included in the rental package?

All of our packages are all inclusive, which means we provide the venue (unless you request otherwise), a referee, markers for keeping the game in bounds, soccer balls, goals and of course, the bubble balls. We will also take pictures and video of your game and post them on our social media pages where you are free to tag yourself and share your experience with friends and family.

+ May I reschedule my private game?

Due to the scheduling intricacies, which include reserving a venue and scheduling other games around your game date, requests to reschedule private games cannot be accommodated. Private games will not be rescheduled unless in the instance of inclement weather for outdoor games or unforeseen circumstances with indoor venues.

+ May I upgrade or downgrade the package I purchased?

You may upgrade your package, however we do not accommodate requests for downgrades as we do not issue refunds. Bubble Ball Soccer NYC is not responsible for amount of participants who play versus the expected amount of participants when an original package was booked.


Have you played a game with us? What did you think?
" So much fun! My friend celebrated her birthday with a bubble soccer game through bubble ball soccer nyc. They showed up on time, gave us a full hour (and even went over since a few of us were a little late) and made sure everyone had a good time. Well done!"
- Krista M. (Brooklyn)

" We started off my best friend's bachelorette party playing bubble soccer and it was the perfect way to kick off the festivities. Organizing and booking the game was super easy - Camille and Patrick were responsive, clear and patient with all of our questions and we loved that we didn't have to search for our own venue. We seriously just showed up and everything was taken care of."

- Melissa S. (NYC)


" Today I played my first bubble soccer game ever and I'm hooked! I felt completely safe and secure in my bubble ball despite all the knocking, bouncing and bumping I withstood. I was the opposing team's main target given my love and experience of soccer. These little plastic balls are impressively durable."

- Donald D. (Brooklyn)

" We had an awesome time at bubble ball soccer nyc. There were about 17 of us, which was great since you get exhausted after about 5 minutes running around in these things. At least we did, but we're all out of shape and middle aged so while half of us rested, the other half got to knock each other around. It was a low scoring game but immense fun was had by all! Thanks for bringing this amazing sport to new york city "

- Samuel H. (NYC)


" I really appreciated the measures that were taken to maintain the hygiene of the balls...they were wiped down between each player. I also loved feeling like I had burned two day's worth of calorie burning in our session even though I took multiple breaks. Grab your friends and go - I highly recommend it!"
- Tiffany S. (Manhattan)

 " I don't normally leave reviews but we all had so much fun I had to give credit where it is due for our 5 star experience. Everything was professional, easy, and seamless. Please schedule more pick up games and we promise we will come!"

- Dana W. (Queens)

Birthday Parties

256 (1)
Bubble soccer NYC is the premier game for local extreme sports/activity lovers! Spend an exhilarating hour facing (and bouncing) off fellow adventure seekers to score goals for your team. Bubble Soccer is the most fun you'll have at a birthday party since - ever! We cater for both kids and adults with Brooklyn & Manhattan Locations

Team Building

Bubble Soccer is designed for intense cooperation and working together.  This is a perfect way for the office, community, or any other group/organization to get out for a high-quality team building/bonding exercise.

Special Events


If you would like to organize a special event (adult or children's birthday party, or bachelor / bachelorette party), make sure to call us! We can help make your day that much more special and unforgettable for you and your guests.